OBC currently supports a number of cross cultural workers and projects in countries around the globe.

International Projects

Through our partnership with Baptist World Aid Australia, we are privileged to support two incredible projects in Cambodia.

Chab Dai

Chab Dai (which means “joining hands” in Khmer) was founded in Cambodia in 2005. Their vision is to see individuals, organisations and agencies work together toward addressing human trafficking and exploitation. They do this by building upon the Biblical framework of working together as the body of Christ, in addition to frameworks for basic human rights.


PNKS is a Christian Non-Governmental Organisation in Cambodia. PNKS works with communities and families that are in extreme poverty to equip and empower the people to improve their own living conditions and enhance sustainability. PNKS currently works in 58 villages, in 9 communities across 3 districts of rural Cambodia.


To find out more about the amazing work that Baptist World Aid is doing please click the following link.


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Cross Cultural Workers

Due to the sensitive nature of many of our other cross-cultural workers we don’t disclose information about their work on our website. However, you are welcome to chat with any of our Mission Group representatives or check out our mission partner websites below