Kids @ OBC

Kids are not just the “future of the church” but a vital part of our community of faith now.  Our desire is to cultivate an environment of integrated and loving relationships where we point one another to Jesus. Kids, like all members, are to be active participants in the life of the church.
It is important for us to have groups that reach every age and provide age appropriate discussion and activities. Our kids@OBC program is created to be a fun way for our kids to treasure and worship Jesus. These activities are there to support and back up the discipleship that is happening in our homes throughout the week.
There is a crèche and preschool room for children up to age 5, where children can play, read a story and interact with others of the same age.
We also have an infants and primary program for those in school years K-6
A youth group for Years 6- 10 runs every fortnight on a Friday night during the school term.